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Which Sign Material is Best For Commercial Real Estate?

Banner installed on building

For listing signs used by commercial real estate agents, particularly those placed on-site at properties, materials like MDO (Medium Density Overlay) on sleds or similar setups are common choices. These types of signs are temporary and portable, making them suitable for on-site advertising. Here's more information on this and other materials we've seen top agents utilize to stand out:

  1. MDO (Medium Density Overlay) Signs: MDO is a type of plywood with a smooth and durable surface. It's commonly used for temporary real estate signs, including "For Sale" or "For Lease" signs. MDO is easy to work with, can be painted or printed on directly, and withstands outdoor conditions well.
  2. Sled Base or A-Frame Signs: Sled bases or A-frame signs are designed to be easily placed and moved on-site. They provide stability and can be weighted down to prevent tipping in windy conditions. These signs are commonly used for commercial real estate listings to draw attention from passersby.
  3. Corrugated Plastic (Coroplast) on Frames: Corrugated plastic signs mounted on frames are another cost-effective option for listing signs. They are lightweight, easy to install, and can be placed in the ground using H-stakes or similar mounting solutions.
  4. Vinyl Banners on Frames: For larger or more prominent listings, vinyl banners can be mounted on frames to create highly visible listing signs. These can be placed near the property to attract attention.
  5. Wooden Panels on Stakes: In some cases, wooden panels with property details can be mounted on wooden stakes or posts for a rustic and straightforward listing sign.
  6. Existing Monument: Often overlooked is utilizing an existing monument space to apply temporary messages
  7. Metal Frames with Inserts: Metal frames with slide-in inserts allow for easy updates of property information. The frames can be reused for various listings, and the inserts can be printed with property-specific details.

These types of listing signs are typically designed to be temporary, portable, and cost-effective, making them suitable for advertising commercial properties for sale or lease. They are placed at the property's location to provide essential information to potential buyers or lessees who visit the site. The choice of materials and design may vary depending on the specific needs and branding preferences of the real estate agency.