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How do I buy a real estate listing sign?

Buying listing signs is an essential part of marketing and advertising properties as a real estate agent. Here are steps to help you purchase listing signs:

  1. Determine Your Signage Needs: Identify the types of signs you need. Common signs include yard signs, open house signs, directional signs, and riders (additional signs with specific information like "For Sale" or "Sold"). Consider the design and size of the signs you want. They should be consistent with your branding and local regulations.
  2. Track Results: Monitor the effectiveness of your signs in attracting potential buyers or sellers. Keep records of which signs generate the most inquiries or leads.
  3. Find a Sign Supplier: Look for local sign companies or online suppliers that specialize in real estate signs. You can search online, ask for recommendations from colleagues, or check with your local real estate association.
  4. Compare Prices and Services: Request quotes from multiple suppliers to compare prices and services. Inquire about the materials they use, printing options, and any customization they offer.
  5. Select Your Sign Design: Work with a graphic designer or use the services offered by the sign supplier to create a design that represents your brand and includes essential information like your contact details, logo, and property details. Ensure your signs comply with any local regulations regarding sign design, size, and placement.
  6. Place Your Order: Once you've finalized your sign design, place your order with the chosen supplier. Be clear about quantities, sizes, and any additional options you need.
  7. Proof and Approval: Review the proof of your sign design provided by the supplier. Check for any errors or discrepancies before giving your approval.
  8. Delivery or Pickup: Decide whether you want the signs delivered to your office or directly to the property. Coordinate the logistics with the supplier.
  9. Install the Signs: Properly install the signs at your property listings. Make sure they are securely anchored, visible, and compliant with local regulations.
  10. Maintain Your Signs: Regularly check the condition of your signs. Replace or repair any damaged or weathered signs promptly to maintain a professional image.
  11. Stay Informed: Stay updated on local regulations regarding signage for real estate agents to ensure compliance.

Remember that your signs are a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy as a real estate agent. Well-designed and strategically placed signs can help you attract more clients and sell properties more effectively.